Lease Agreement

For your convenience, I have posted up the Lease agreement into the webpage.


A.     One rental month minimum.

B.     Rent is due and payable in lessor’s office on or before first day of each month. No statements are sent.

C.    Rent is delinquent if not paid on or before the first day of each rental month.

D.    If rent is more than 5 days delinquent the unit will be locked or overlocked by lessor. Late fees and administrative
charges are as follows:   


DATE                                                         CHARGES                       ACCUMULATIVE CHARGES

FIRST PAST DUE                                          20%                                       $20 PLUS ALL PRIOR CHARGES

SECOND PAST DUE NOTICE                     $0                                           $0


POSSESSION OF PROPERTY                       $20                                        $20 PLUS ALL PRIOR CHARGES


TENANTS PROPERTY                                 $25                                         $25 PLUS ALL PRIOR CHARGES

RECEIPT OF UNCOLLECTED FUNDS      $20                                         $20


E.     Overlock is not removed unless all rental, late fees and administrative charges are paid.

F.     Lessor reserves the right to refuse payment by personal check made either in person or by mail.

G.    All rental payments made by check, money order or travelers check must contain unit number. Any and all correspondence should reference the unit number to issue prompt and correct handling.

H.    Advance payments of 12 months will earn a discount of one (1) month’s rent.


A. The security deposit or any portion there of remaining unapplied, is refunded only when:

ØLease is current in all obligations.

ØLeasee has submitted MOVE-OUT notice 30 days prior to the last day of the current rental month.

Ø Leasee has notified management after vacating.

Ø Unit is broom clean.

Ø Unit is in good order, condition and repair.

Ø Tenant lock is removed

        B.   The clean-up deposit is refunded upon termination only when lessor’s inspection discloses that lessee has left the unit broom clean and in good order, condition and repair.

        C.   When vacating, please remove all boxes and trash from the unit.

        D.   Allow 30 days after vacating for receipt refunds.


The storage agreement defines the lessee’s legal address and this address will remain the lessee’s legal address for purposes of notification until the lessee advises lessor, in writing promptly of any actual changes of address. Such changes must be:
          1. In writing.
          2. Dated.
          3. Signed by lessee.
          4. Give complete new address, zip code and telephone number, Changes of address forms are available at the office upon  request.

IV.  LESSEE Responsibility:

A.     Lessee must keep the unit locked with his own lock at all times, using only one lock per unit door hasp.

B.     All property stored is at lessee’s own risk. Lessor is not responsible for the theft or damage to property caused by fire. Wind, water, rain storms, tornados, explosions, nor rodents, civil disturbances, insects, sonic boom, vehicle or any other cause, whatsoever, nor shall lessor be liable for personal injuries on the premises.

C.    Any insurance on contents will be provided by lessee at the lessee’s sole discretion and expense.

D.    To reduce potential moisture problems, store goods on pallets.

A.  The unit is to be used for storage of personal property and for no other use.
B.  All items left in the unit, halls or driveways after vacating will be assumed to be of no value to the lessee and will be discarded by lessor. Lessee should be aware that the security deposit refund is subject to the cleanliness of these areas and if lessee leaves anything, he forfeits refund.



12937 S. OATMAN HWY (OLD RTE 66)


TEL: 928-234-6794



1.      USE  OF PREMISES: The following is NOT allowed

A.     Automotive mechanical work

B.     Manufacturing, fabrication, or other related work are prohibited

C.     Hooks, screws, nails, or shelving driven into or mounted to walls or framework.

D.     Storage of gasoline or any other flammable liquids.

E.      Storage of foods

F.      Unlawful goods of any kind

G.     Two locks per door hasp

H.     No alcohol allowed on premises   


2.      RENT: All rent is due on the monthly anniversary date of your rental agreement. If payment is made by check.

                    Please include your unit number on the check. Rent by cash must be paid during regular business hours.

3.      LATE PAYMENT: A $20% of the amount of monthly rent. Five days after the due date and thereafter, $5.00 per day until paid in full. Access denied after 1 month, A notice will be posted in a local newspaper and contents sold at auction.

4.      CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please inform the property manager of address or phone number changes. It is important that the office can reach you in case of emergency.

5.      INSURANCE: Insurance of contents is the sole responsibility of the tenant.



    I understand that this self–storage facility and/or its management:

  1. Is not responsible for loss or damage to my property.
  2. Does not provide insurance for my stored property.
  3. Requires that I provide my own insurance coverage or be self-insured (personality responsible for any loss).
  4. Is a commercial business renting space and is not a bailee or warehouse.


Lessor acknowledged receipt of $_____________ which pays rent on ______________ this may not

be applied against any other month, and is non-refundable, and also includes a clean-up and guarantee that unit will be left empty of trash. The deposit will be refunded when unit is vacated clean and empty and no damage to building.


DATE _____________________


LESSEE:                                                                                         LESSOR:


Signature___________________________                                    By__________________________


Print_______________________________                                    Payment is due on______________


Address____________________________                                     In the amount of_______________



Phone #____________________________


UNIT # ____________________________

And monthly thereafter on the same date. We do not rent for partial months other than in the beginning of this lease agreement

Clean-up Deposit______________

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